How to humblebrag like a pro

I don't want to brag, but…

How to humblebrag like a pro
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31/12/18 | StarsInsider

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In the age of social media, it’s become commonplace to brag about all of our achievements and pleasures, disguised only by the term "sharing." Whenever we hit the gym, eat a delicious meal, or travel abroad, we can’t help but let everyone know. There's just one small downside: you can come across as completely arrogant and conceited. Oh, and you risk making your friends and followers quietly despise you.

Luckily, there are some simple tips to avoid giving people the wrong impression while still fulfilling your bragging needs.

If a post on social media merely shows off what a wonderful life someone has, the logical conclusion is that the post was solely made to attract compliments. To prevent your posts coming across as boastful, add some useful information that people can actually benefit from. If you share a picture of a dish that is bound to make people drool all over their screens, add a caption or geo-tag that lets people know where you got it or how you made it. As for vacation photos, try sharing some recommendations about the place you visited. This way the post isn’t just about you, and there's a more constructive reason people are seeing it as opposed to just staring in envy.

Even if you don’t have practical information to share, you can still avoid leaving a bad taste in people’s mouths by sharing a personal story. Though everything in the photo might actually be great, fun, delicious, or beautiful, it can often seem shallow to just say so. Explain your experience with more detail and give people an insight into why it was so special for you. Your friends and followers will better understand the importance of the post for you, and they'll get to know you better. If you really want to come across as sincere, consider occasionally sharing some negative experiences as well. No one’s perfect, but on social media we often try a little too hard to seem like it, so a little honestly is refreshing on anyone's timeline.

Bragging isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You're allowed to feel proud of your experiences and accomplishments, and as humans we have an innate need to be acknowledged. This need can partly be satisfied on social media, but you should always be wary of becoming addicted to "likes." Following these tips can help you humblebrag, but they can also help you understand why you're sharing certain things and what you're really looking for. Post with moderation, and post thoughtfully, so that your friends won't think you're too needy for attention, and so that you give yourself a chance to pay attention to the experience.


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